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Communication & Banking > Credit cards
Korean banks and credit card companies issue credit cards affiliated with international brands to foreigners.

Each bank or credit card company has its own regulations for qualification. Usually,
there is no problem for those applicants who are employed by a company listed on
the Korean Stock Exchange.

Foreigners who have an account with a Korean bank can apply for credit cards of the brands that the bank is affiliated with
such as VISA, Master Card or JCB. American Express and Diners Club cards are issued only through the following-mentioned
card companies or local branches of foreign banks.

Credit card company Tel
VISA Card 82-2-524-9827
Master Card 82-2-398-2200
Diners Club 82-2-222-6100
American Express Card 82-2-552-7600
JCB Card 82-2-755-4977
BC Card 82-2-520-4020
Samsung Card 82-2-2172-7180
Shinhan Card 82-2-3420-7000

Credit card companies issue credit cards to those applicants that meet requirements for issuance of a credit card. A request for issuance of a credit card might be rejected if the applicant does not have a good credit record.

A foreigner who intends to apply for a credit card needs to find out about the benefits and services offered by the various credit card companies or banks. Application can be made through the credit card company¡¯s website or in person at one of their offices, or by visiting a bank. Required documents to sign-up include an application form with your photo, foreign registration card, and documents verifying your employment and income. However, please note that each bank or credit card company may require different documents.

Annual membership fee (as of 2007) is a fee charged for the issuance of the credit card and the range of services offered by the credit card company. Annual membership fees are charged starting with the month of issuance.

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