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Garbage Disposal
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Garbage Disposal
The government has introduced a system of charging fees to those who dispose of garbage based on
volume in order to reduce waste and to increase recycled resources.
Since 1995, all homes and businesses are required to buy standardized plastic
bags for waste disposal. The straps of these bags must be tied before disposal.
The standardized bags can be bought at many neighborhood stores or supermarkets.
There are three types of standard bags :
  White bags are for domestic use and come in five different sizes: 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 liters. Their price ranges from
80 won to 1700 won. These bags neet to be purchased in your local area as design and cost vary between "dongs".

Green bags are for food disposal, however, residents living in apartment buildings don't need this type of bag.

Light blue bags are for public use, such as public sanitation. Available sizes are: 50, 70 and 100 liters.

Orange bags are for businesses and come in three sizes: 20, 50 and 100 liters.

Used furniture, broken glass, leftovers from housing repairs and gardening should be notified to the designated agency, which is run by each Dong office, before putting them out.

Separate collection of recyclable waste is an effective means of reducing environmental pollution.

Recyclable goods are divided into five different groups :
  Paper : Newspapers, calendars, magazines or notebooks (must be tied in 30-centimeter bundles)

Glass : Wine, soft drinks and medicine bottles (must be cleaned before disposal)

Scrap iron : Metal chairs, stainless steel, etc. (should be collected separately)

Cans : Cans for beer, soft drinks and powdered milk (should be compressed before disposal)

Plastics : Soft drink or fruit juice bottles, detergent and shampoo containers (should be disposed of only after rinsing with water)

Apartment residents need to place each of the above into the assigned garbage containers.
Garbage is collected in front of the entrance gate of a house or store for residents of houses.

Batteries and flourescent lamps should be placed at a designated spot.
If you can not find a designate area, then they should be taken to the local dong office.

Disposal hours :
  19:00~23:00 (There will be fine under 300,000won if you don't follow)
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