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Leave Your Car at Home Day System
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Driving > Buying a car
New cars
When buying a new car, registration takes place on the sopt. Because automobile registration process for
foreigners is complicated, the service that accompany purchasing a new car are convenient.
Denpending on the car's engine size, acquisition and registration tax will vary from 2-6%.
You must purchase government bonds.
Required documents
  - Alien registration card
- A certificate of liability insurance and public bonds
Used cars
Although used-car dealers are not liable for the registration service, they usually provide it. It is advisable for foreigners to go to dealers with an interpreter. A buyer should obtain a car registration card, certificate of car inspection, certificate of transfer, and certificate of the previous owner's registered seal for transfer registration. If the buyer does not register the transfer within 15 days, he or she will be fined.
Required documents
Cargo Service Tel Tel
Janganpyeong Automobile Trading Market
(Subway line #5, Jandhanpyeong St. exit 6)
Gangnam 1 Automobile Trading Market
(Subway line #8, Bokjeong St. exit 3, 10 mins walk)
Gangseo Automobile Trading Market
(Subway line #5, Balsan St. exit 3)
Required documents
  - Vehicle registration certificate
- Certificate of automobile examination
- Certificate of alien registration
- Two Korean guarantors and a certificate of entry for foreigners who have no align registraiotn card
- Trasfer of ownership(legal form) Certificate of liability insurance and government bonds
Bring a car into Korea
When a car, even a used car, is to be brought into Korea, it's considered as an imported car. In this case, you must pay 30-40% of customs duty of the current value of the car. You are also to pay registration tax(5%, when registering the car), education tax(1%), acqusition tax(2%) and buy a bond(20%) in addition to other expenses for shipping and so forth.
* For more information, inquire to the Korea Customs Representative at the Invest Korea.
   Tel : 82-2-3460-7561
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