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Entry/Departure inspection
Entry Inspection of Foreignners
  Entry inspection and the permission of foreigner's entry into the country is a distinctive feature of the Immigration Bureau's administrative functions and remain the special right of a country.

During entry inspection of foreigners, the country's protection is of the foremost concern, with holders of forged or altered passports, or those prohibited from entry, prevented from entering the country.

Forged or altered passport holders, those with an unclear purpose of entry or unclear inviting parties, and other such illegal entries into Korea can also be prevented from entering.

Entry requirements of foreigner' entry into Korea
  Valid passport (In the case of seaman, passport and seaman's identification certificate)
A person with an expired passport will not be allowed to enter the country.

Valid visa
A person is required to enter Korea within the expiry date of the issued visa and, where the purpose of the visit does not match the type of visa issued, may be prohibited from entering the country.

Must not fall into the prohibited entry category
International terrorists, a person with an illegal stay record in Korea, or any other such prohibited entry category, cannot enter the country.

Departure Inspection of Foreigners
  - Foreigners who have overstayed their allowed period of stay may leave the country after complying with prescribed procedures at the Immigration Bureau.

- Registered foreigners departing the country for good must return their foreign registration cards during the departure inspection.
* Failure to return the card is a breach of Immigration Act Article 37, and may result in negligence fines being charged. Registered foreigners

- Those wishing to re-enter the country within the granted period of stay must obtain a re-entry permit. There are exceptions for nationals of the following countries with re-entry waiver agreements :

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